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Kendall Circle on Spring Hill

Kendall Circle, beside Dorothea Dix Park, is a beautiful wooded space with a gently curving loop around its perimeter. The loop is lined with majestic oaks and the center has one of the largest planted oak bosques in North Carolina. Kendall Circle is on Spring Hill at NC State Centennial Campus, and was originally a part of the Dorothea Dix campus. Because it is not protected as a part of Dorothea Dix Park, the future of Kendall Circle is vulnerable. We would like to call attention to that vulnerability while there is still time to protect the space from development.

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“Kendall Circle is so green and lush. And the quiet is amazing. Coming off the big open and beautiful fields in Dorothea Dix Park, “Kendall Circle is like a little haven, a protected area that feels secret and hushed from the protective umbrella of the oak trees.” 2018-03-02T21:09:54+00:00